Pantographs are one of the most widely requested designs for machine quilting. It consists of a single decorative pattern which runs the entire full length and width of the quilt. The pattern is repeated as necessary until the entire length of the quilt is covered. Many designs are available and new patterns are added frequently. The price is broken-down into three categories due to the amount of time and complexity of each design. Meandering is freestyle stitching. Click on the photos to see designs of the pantographs available. Meandering stitches are executed freehand and may consist of loops or simple gently weaving lines, priced accordingly to density.


Type A:

Is the least dense of the pantograph patterns, with a typical spacing of about 2 inches between design lines.

Type B:
Is a medium-density pantograph with a typical spacing of 0.75" - 1.5" inches between the design lines.

Type C:
The most dense pantographs, with a typical spacing of 0.25" to 0.75" between design lines.

Type D:
All-over freehand designs, similar to a Pantograph, but is an original design used to enhance the quilt top. This may be swirls, feathers, or other designs.


Type 1:
The largest of the six; typical spacing is about 2.0" between stitching lines.

Type 2:
Typical spacing is about 1.5" between the stitching lines.

Type 3:
Typical spacing is about 1.0" between the stitching lines.

Type 4:
Typical spacing is about 0.75" between the stitching lines.

Type 5:
Typical spacing is about 0.50" between the stitching lines.

Type 6:
Typical spacing is about 0.25"between the stitching lines.



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