Standard Quilt Sizes

Baby 30 x 55          (1.27 sq.yds.)
Twin 65 x 90           (4.51 sq.yds.)
Double 80 x 95      (5.86 sq.yds.)
Queen 86 x 100     (6.64 sq.yds.)
King 106 x 106      (8.67 sq.yds.)

Look at the home page for any specials!

Pantographs* - See Pantograph link for more information
Type "A" (low-density)
$19.00 per sq yd
Type "B" (medium-density)
$22.00 per sq yd
Type "C" (high-density)
$24.00 per sq yd
Type "D" (All-over freehand similar to
$25.00 per sq yd
Meandering* - See Pantograph link for more information
Stipple Only (Large, Puzzle Type)
$22.00 per sq yd
Large Design (Type "1", around 2.0" spacing)
$24.00 per sq yd
Medium (Type "3", around 1.0" spacing)
$25.00 per sq yd
Small (Type "6", most dense, 0.25" spacing)
$28.00 per sq yd
Additional sizes available. See Pantograph
link for other sizes.  
*$30.00 minimum plus set-up fee.  
Custom* - See Custom link for more information
Type "A" - Semi-Custom $35.00 per sq yd
Type "B" - Custom $40.00 per sq yd
Type "C" - Custom, very dense $40.00 per hour
*$40.00 minimum plus set-up fee.  
Heirloom* - See Custom link for more information
Feathers, two border designs, etc. $48.00 per sq yd
*$40.00 minimum plus set-up fee.  
Free-Hand Artistic Design - See Custom link for more info
Includes roses, flowers, grapevines, and/or other free-flowing designs - each one-of-a-kind. $60.00 min. per sq yd plus set-up fee.
(Cost can be combined with custom or heirloom quilting, with above cost calculated and applied only to the portion of the quilt stitched in this manner).
Trapunto - See Custom link for more information
Fee added to the base cost on Custom or Heirloom quilting and is calculated on the areas that receive Trapunto only. I will provide batting for the trapunto areas. Additional $15.00 per 12" square
Whole-Cloth Quilts* - See Custom Gallery for more info
Design and stitchery of a whole-cloth quilt. After consultation, a design will be drawn, submitted and approved prior to the beginning of the project. A limited number of whole-cloth quilts will be made each year. $50.00 per hour
*$60.00 minimum plus set-up fee.
Other Fees and Services
Set-Up Fee $35.00
Each additional rotation of quilt $20.00
Each additional border $20.00 each
Basting Only $30.00 min charge, $9.00 per sq yd
Batting - Hobbs 80-20 Cotton/Poly Blend $7.00 per yd
Batting - Hobbs Polydown $6.00 per yd
Multiple Thread Color Changes $5.00 for each change
Specialty threads (i.e. cotton, variegated, microfilament, etc.) Ask.
A $20.00 fee will be applied for backing or quilt top needing ironing prior to stitching.
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