Custom quilts are becoming more popular with the promise that each quilt will be distinctful and stitched especially for the quilter. Legacy Quiltworks provides a wide aspect of custom services for our customers .These vary from a pantograph or semi-custom design which is the most economical, to heirloom, Free-Hand Artistic, Trapunto and Whole-Cloth Quilts. Listed below are descriptions of each type. Click the photos to the right examples. A consultation is needed for a custom quilt to discuss the flow of the quilt and any special ideas you may have. We will design patterns in the manner you wish.

Type A - Semi-Custom:
A semi-custom quilt is one that has a border design around the quilt, stitch-in-the-ditch around some of the blocks and a simple freeform element in some blocks. This would include large stippling, meandering and motif designs.

Type B - Custom:
Includes a border design and one or more intricate designs in blocks, echo quilting, medium or small stippling. 1/4 inch outlining of blocks, simple feather designs.

Custom quilting that would include several different applications/designs, such as feathers and/or other decorative stitching designed to enhance the quilt top. Each Heirloom block would receive its own detailed design, and up to two border designs.

Free-Hand Artistic Design:
This includes the use of roses or other flowers, grapevines and/or other flowing designs customized and executed freehand for each quilt. While each general design is approved by the client, it cannot be duplicated exactly due to the artistic nature of this service leading to a one-of-a-kind quilt. This may be combined with custom or heirloom quilting.

Dimensional quilting using extra batting in areas, so that the designs are enhanced. Meandering is added to the outside of the design to emphasize the effect. Stippled, echo quilting, or patterned meandering may be requested.

Whole-Cloth Quilts:
Design and stitchery of a whole-cloth quilt. After consultation, a design will be drawn, submitted and approved prior to the beginning of the project.



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